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Business English

In this program we aim to teach you the kind of English you will need in business life. Our curriculum, which involves case studies, discussions and role plays, and efficient teachers bring modern business life into the classroom. Expressing yourself freely in English will be key to success in your business life.

Thanks to our complete curriculum your communication skills will improve greatly and you will be able to express your opinions and give presentations confidently.

Topics studied in this program:

  • (Business meetings, social obligations, trips)
  • (Effective telephone communication, email writing)
  • (Resume preparation)
  • (Seminars, interviews, presentations)
  • (Business contracts)
  • (Sales & Marketing)
  • (Customer Relationship Management)
  • (Making business proposals)
  • (Business terminology)
  • (Financial Analysis)
  • (Intemational communication, cultural differences and understanding)
  • (E-Trade)
  • (Crisis management)
  • (Company mergers and take overs)
  • (Time Management)
  • (Brand Management)
  • (Human Resources)
  • (Organizational charts)
  • (Advertising)
  • (Employment)
  • (Business Ethics)
  • (Leadership)
  • (Competition)
  • (In service Training)
  • (Futures)

Uzman Dil Okulu (Uzman School of English) places a particular importance on this program that takes an important place in business life.

Weekly Schedule

WEEKDAYS (3 or 4 days)
Group 1 19:00-21:30 3 lessons (45 min) Total lessons 9 or 12
WEEKENDS (2 days)
Group 2 10:00-13:30 4 lessons(45 min) Total lessons 8
Group 3 14:00-16:30 4 lessons (45 min) Total lessons 8