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Adana Uzman School of English | YDS
This exam, which is prepared and applied by the ÖSYM, consists of 80 questions in total and the test duration is 180 minutes.
Adana Uzman School of English | General English
Uzman School Of English offers a training program for intensive speaking, writing, listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary for each level language education. Details
Adana Uzman Dil Okulu | LYS-5 Eğitimi
LYS-5 (Undergraduate placement exam-5) is an examination held and prepared by OSYM each year. LYS-5 examination is held in the German, French and English languages. Details
Adana Uzman School of English | PROFICIENCY
Proficiency exams can be given by the institutions or universities. The aim of the Universities proficiency exam is to determine whether the student will go on his/her studies directly without taking proficiency class or not.
Adana Uzman School of English | TOELF-TOEIC-IELTS Eğitimi
You can prepare International English Certifacate exams with Uzman School Of English. We are always with you in every step you take.
Adana Uzman School of English | German For Family Reunification
In the decision of the European Court of Justice on the condition of family reunification, a German Language Certificate for family integration is required. Details...

Adana Uzman SChool of English

About Us

Uzman Dil Okulu (Uzman School of English) is 25 years old as of 2016. Our institution is a source of pride not only in Adana but also in the region because of the education of English and other languages it has provided to thousands of students and institutions.
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Adana Uzman SChool of English

Our Education System

We apply a level determination test to determine the level of the participants and enable them to begin the course with the appropriate level. In this way the course participants learn English in the most accurate and efficient way.
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